"Wanneer u een privékopie maakt van auteursrechtelijk beschermd werk, dan zorgen wij ervoor dat de auteurs een vergoeding ontvangen"

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SONT Decree on Private Copying Levies 2018 – 2020
The Stichting Onderhandelingen Thuiskopievergoeding (SONT) has decreed the new private copying levies for the Netherlands, which will be in force from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020. New developments in the use of home copying media and devices give rise to adjustment of the private copying levies. Furthermore, new jurisprudence, both in the Netherlands and the European Union, was taken into account. A correction for inflation has also been applied.

The SONT decree on private copying levies results from negotiations between representatives of rightsholders and of manufacturers and distributors of the media and devices concerned. The SONT monitors developments in consumer use of media and devices (“voorwerpen”) that are suitable for making copies of copyright protected works for private use. For this purpose, the SONT commissions a yearly consumer survey, as carried out by Kantar Public. New technological developments, marketing of new devices and changes in consumer behaviour will be reflected as quickly as possible in the survey. Developments in consumer use, in jurisprudence in the Netherlands and the EU, and in
the sales of relevant devices have led the SONT to adjust the level of private copying levies as from 1 January, 2018.

Private copying levies as from 1 January 2018
Consumer use of blank CD-r and DVD-r has decreased significantly in recent years, and is expected to decrease even further in the near future. Therefore, the SONT has decided that levying on these devices should be discontinued as from 1 January, 2018. The increased use of smartphones for making private copies has led to a rise in the levy on this device, while the levies on pc’s, laptops and tablets are lowered. Levies on set-top boxes, e-readers and external HDD will be slightly higher, those on portable audio and video players a bit lower.

As from 2018, levies on a number of new devices will be introduced. The study by Kantar shows that wearables with storage capacity, like smartwatches and fitness trackers, are increasingly used to make private copies, mostly of music files. In addition, the survey reports substantial storage of copyright protected works on USB-sticks. Finally, the new external SSD (Solid State Disk) levy will fall under the same category as external HDD.

Rates and objects 2015-2017 and 2018-2020


 Rate 2015-2017

Rate 2018-2020

 1. CD-r  & DVD-r

 € 0.02


 2. E-reader

 € 0.70

  € 0,80

 3. External hard drive

 € 0.70

  € 0,60

 4. Portable audio/videoplayer

 € 1.40

  € 1,20

 5. Smartphone/phone with MP3 function

 € 3.50

  € 4,70

 6. Tablet

 € 3.50

  € 2,60

 7. Desktop/PC/notebook/server/mediacenter

 € 3.50

  € 2,60

 8. Settopbox with hard drive / HDD Recorder

 € 3.50

  € 3,80

 9. USB Stick


  € 0,60

10. Wearables with storage capacity

    € 1,20

More information on the changes per 1 jan 2018 are found in this press release. 

Dutch Law
Article 16c of the Dutch Copyright Law states that importers and manufacturers are liable for paying the levies upon import or fabrication. In the factsheets below more information for importers and manufacturers is availble. If you want to report imports or levy liable productions please register your organisation here, if if necessary one can use this manual to guide you through your registration.

Copyright explained

Please direct your questions towards Stichting de Thuiskopie via info@thuiskopie.nl.

Documents Private Copying NL
Factsheet importers/manufacturers

Conditions for Exemptions and Refunds
Audit Protocol
Manufacture and refurbishment definition 
Management Statement 

English Manuals
Registration Guide 
Instructions Reporting via Portal for contracting parties (manually) 
Instructions Reporting via Portal for contracting parties (excel)
Instructions Reporting via Portal for non-contracting parties 
Excel sheet format: Total Sheet & Specification Sheet

Supreme Court Ruling Private Copying Scheme 2013-2017
Government: Private Copying Levies to be lowered

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