"Wanneer u een privékopie maakt van auteursrechtelijk beschermd werk, dan zorgen wij ervoor dat de auteurs een vergoeding ontvangen"

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Dutch Private copying regulations changed

On 28 October 2014 the State Secretary of Security and Justice issued a new decree in parliament changing the private copying regulations. For the coming years rights holders are ensured of fair compensation for private copies made by consumers of copyright protected movies, music, pictures and e-books. The scope of the regulation is broadened by including E-Readers. From 1 January 2015 current rates will be adjusted as a result of various factors and recent verdicts  of the EU Court of Justice.

In the Netherlands one is allowed to make a copy of copyright protected work for personal use or study. To compensate the creators of movies, music and books for lost revenues due to private copies the government created private copying levies. A ruling of the EU Court of Justice in April of this year (ACI-Thuiskopie) confirmed that copies from illegal sources are not within scope of the private copying exception. State Secretary Teeven requested a re-examination of current rates by the SONT (negotiating body in which importers and rights holders are represented to determine the value of levies) and adopted its advice in the new decree.

All levies are reduced by 30% and the E-Reader is introduced due to increased private copying of e-books by consumers. The new regulation will no longer differentiate based on the storage capacity of media or devices. Media and devices will have a single levy. As a result the following private copying levies are effective from 1 January 2015.

Rates and objects 2015-2017



 1. CD-r  & DVD-r

 € 0.02

 2. E-reader

 € 0.70

 3. External hard drive

 € 0.70

 4. Portable audio/videoplayer

 € 1.40

 5. Smartphone/phone with MP3 function

 € 3.50

 6. Tablet

 € 3.50

 7. Desktop/PC/notebook/server/mediacenter

 € 3.50

 8. Settopbox with hard drive / HDD Recorder

 € 3.50

Dutch Law
Article 16c of the Dutch Copyright Law states that importers and manufacturers are liable for paying the levies upon import or fabrication. In the factsheets below more information for importers and manufacturers is availble. If you want to report imports or levy liable productions please register your organisation here, if if necessary one can use this manual to guide you through your registration.

Please direct your questions towards Stichting de Thuiskopie via info@thuiskopie.nl.

Documents Private Copying NL
Conditions for Exemptions and Refunds
Audit Protocol
Manufacture and refurbishment definition 
Management Statement 2015

English Manuals
Registration Guide 
Instructions Reporting via Portal - Excel (Contractors only)
Excel sheet format: Total Sheet & Specification Sheet
Instructions Reporting via Portal  - Manual for Contractors 
Instructions Reporting via Portal - Manual for Non-Contractors

Government: Private Copying Levies to be lowered

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